About our company

Company Overview

Founded in 2018, our company creates access to high quality jewelry and fashion items without the normal retail mark-up in pricing.  We buy directly from manufacturers and wholesalers who own mines and provide good working conditions and fair wages to their employees.  One of our suppliers even built a school near their mine to educate the children of their employees.  In order to pass along high quality at a reasonable price, our operation is a lean organization run by humble people leveraging technology rather than fancy offices.  We also have high quality jewelry for people who are looking for a hassle-free way to rent for the sake of creating variety in their wardrobe or for those consumers who prefer to test out their jewelry prior to purchasing it.

What We Do

We offer a broad set of jewelry on our website for people to purchase or rent for that special event or occasion.  Because we buy directly from manufacturers and are not willing to charge the normal 200% mark-up in pricing that most retailers do, we deliver a fair price to our customers.  Our team of professionals from 3 continents travel extensively to curate and maintain the world’s most eclectic offering of jewelry available to purchase or rent.  For those interested in renting, we make it simple for anyone to browse the website, find the most appealing jewelry, select the number of days to rent it, receive it from the owner, then after wearing and enjoying it, either buy it or simply return it in the original packaging in which it arrived. 

Who We Are

Our senior team and advisory board is comprised of women who have held leading positions in the arts, finance, the law, education and the fashion industry.  Our team is comprised of technology experts, jewelry buyers and fashion enthusiasts who are passionate about giving our customers high quality without the traditional retail mark-up in pricing. We also offer the unique ability for our customers to have constant variety in what they wear and the ability to be stylish and rent the very best in jewelry and fashion without having to commit to an upfront purchase.

We have tailored our inventory so that our customers can have something stylish for the following events:

·       Birthday Parties 

·       Romantic Luncheons and Dates 

·       Weddings

·       Anniversary Events

·       Job Interviews

·       Business Meetings & Presentations

·       Gala Charity Events

·       Family Reunions and Special Celebrations

·       Award Ceremonies

·       Proms and Formal Dance Events

·       High School and College Reunions