Identity Verification

Our Business Model Relies on Trust

The economics of our business model and of our whole community of suppliers and buyers relies on trust.We have a community of artisans who sell their luxury jewelry at a fair price.  Because we have forgone the typical mark-ups that are often excessive in the jewelry industry, neither our artisans nor our manufacturers nor this website can afford losses due to payment fraud.  Therefore, we are very careful who we allow to purchase on our website. 

For all first-time buyers on our website, we ask them to add an extra step and verify their identity, in the same way that other websites and platforms such as Facebook, Lyft and Uber require identity verification.  We have chosen the premier industry leader (Netverify/Jumio) to perform that verification.  They verify the identities of customers for a number of banks, financial institutions and for consumer brands like Airbnb and United Airlines.  Click here to see testimonials from some of their clients:

Identity Verification Helps You and Other Members of our Community

Verifying the identity helps to protect the honest members of our online community from criminals.  The verification process not only insulates you and our other buyers from petty crime and random people who use our card when it is lost at a restaurant or on a busy sidewalk, we are also protecting you from employees, family members and “friends” who make unauthorized purchases with your credit card. 

Privacy & Encryption Are Critically Important

According to Netverify/Jumio, “all personal data, including ID documents and selfies, is encrypted twice: all data is encrypted in transit via TLS encryption using strong cipher suites and at rest with military-grade 256 bit AES encryption.”Netverify/Jumioemploysa very high standard of encryption and is PCI DSS compliant, which means Jumiois “mandated to adhere to strict data retention procedures…” You can read more about their high standard of encryption and privacy here:

 The Benefits of ID Verification are Worth the Minor Inconvenience

We apologize for the inconvenience of verifying the identity for first-time buyers, but we believe the benefits to our community and to the purchaser specifically far outweigh the minor inconvenience.