Our Leaders & Owners are Ultra-Philanthropic

Our leadership and owners are leaders in philanthropy.  Our senior management and owners believe in significant and meaningful service to others, especially the economically disadvantaged among us.  For example, our majority shareholder and one of our senior managers use their private capital and their time to build and refurbish residential facilities for homeless mentally ill Americans.  Their project currently houses over 300 people in long-term care programs and has capacity in existing facilities to house over 600 people. The goal is to care for and rehabilitate the homeless “clients” until they can reunite with their families.

In addition, the family of our majority shareholder has sponsored orphanages, schools in developing world countries and legal aid to homeless people who are victims of oppression and need legal help to defend their civil liberties. One of our owners and one of our senior leaders believe that charter schools are effective anti-poverty programs and have founded charter schools in New York and New Mexico in which over 3,000 disadvantaged children are currently receiving superior educations.